I don't know if you've visited "Missed Connections" before but for me it reads like a sappy love story. It entertains me... This is a place where you would go to post if you were looking for someone. Not like... your long lost cousin that was shipped off to a chocolate production sweat shop at the age of nine and you are trying to find him. It's for other missed connections. Let's say you were buying diapers for your kid and you looked at a girl in a funny hat. She smiled, you smiled, she giggled, you winked, she left. You'd write about it and wait for the hope of her reply...

like this:

Screenshot by: Rich Birdsall


A writer on Buzzfeed.com decided to take a deeper look into Craigslist's Missed Connections. She looked into the most recent 100 Missed Connections posts for all 50 states and Washington D.C., and drew some REALLY interesting conclusions.

1. 59% of the people who post on Missed Connections are MEN looking for a woman. 27% are men looking for another man. 13% are women looking for a man, and just 1% are women looking for another woman. So 86% of posts are made by men.

2. Idaho had the highest percentage of men looking for women. Hawaii had the highest percentage of men looking for men. Washington state had the highest percentages of women seeking men AND women seeking women.

3. The most common place for Missed Connections is . . . Walmart.

4. FIFTEEN states had Walmart come up as the most frequent place: Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, South Dakota, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Ohio.

5 . The grocery store, supermarket, or "super store" is most common in nine states: Alaska, Wyoming, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Kentucky, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine. Connecticut's are specifically at Stop & Shop.

6. Seven states had some form of public transportation as the most common spot. The subway for New York and Massachusetts . . . the Metro for Washington D.C. . . . the train for New Jersey and Illinois . . . and the bus for Washington and Oregon.

7. Three states had BARS as their most common place: North Dakota, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Three had the gym: California, Arizona, and Virginia. Two had convenience stores: Delaware and Pennsylvania.

8. And then there are some random ones. Hawaii's most frequent place for Missed Connections is the beach. For Nevada, it's a casino. For Kansas, it's McDonald's. For Oklahoma, it's the state fair. For Rhode Island, it's parking lots.

9. But the most random of all is Indiana . . . where the most common place for Missed Connections is "at home."