Sometimes you find yourself cleaning and wonder... Is this thing worth anything? Heres a list of 5 things you could commonly find in your possession you should probably sell for the rent money:

1. Old Jewellery Boxes: Like your grandmothers dowry box. Most of them were made of Teak wood and had fancy designs made of silver or gold. Shine it up and make some money!

2. Zippo Lighters: Seventy years ago (1932 to 1950 production) Zippo was not the sought after smokers accessory it is today. People would toss them on the side of the road if the flint ran out or the wick burned out. If you have any that your dad tossed in the drawer and forgot about they could be worth thousands of dollars

3. Old Comic Books: From Archie's to Tintin, did you collect as a child? I know you love them but let 'em go. Book stores and collectors will pay a pretty penny for them. Now that being said, if you managed to keep the whole series... The sky is the limit on the selling price.

4. Antique Furniture: Your grandads old rocking chair, your grandmothers dresser... they don't make them like that anymore. Hand assembled, hand carved and sturdy. You'll get some cash for those!

5. Gramophone: OK, you know it as that old record player with the horn thing on top. The Glenn Miller Band just doesn't sound the same on anything else. Heck in a couple of years you probably won't have any LP's to play on them. IT WILL SELL AT A HIGH PRICE! Especially if it works.