The Polar Vortex... or whatever is getting us all down. There's snow everywhere and the cold is unbearable. You strat your vehicle in the morning and it even sounds like it's frozen. How do we lift our spirits?

EASY! Think of the things we are going to do when the snow melts!There's some things that we can look forward to that we can't do right now. So here's 5 things I am going to do when the snow is melting!

1. Clean out my truck. I know it seems like work, but getting the winter crap out of your ride will make you feel better about yourself and the vehicle will feel like new! Wash it too will yah?

2. I'm going to lightly plant grass seed. nothing makes you feel good like a fresh green lawn when it grows. The mowing is great exercise too!

3. Buy an inflatable raft. They are fun to go fishing with and lets be honest. When the snow melts all that water has to somewhere. Sadly, you may need it to het out of your house AGAIN.

4. Build a fire pit. a small one. nothing says summer nights like BBQ's and friends sipping some whiskey by the fire.

5. Plan a vacation. Because if the snow doesn't go away... I'm leaving.