It's been 6 Mothers Days since I was able to hand my Mom a card, to call her or to say I love you in person.  Whenever I see the Mother's Day sales, pass the card displays or even a hanging basket of flowers, I think of my Mom and miss her even more.

Looking back, I have learned so very much from my Mom, Dorothy Marie Davison.  She was the best Mom in the world.  So loving, patient, caring and at the same time, funny, stern, and creative.  She loved her gardening, the meows and kisses from her animal families and had a deep love of music.

Here are 5 things I Learned from my Mom:

1)  Gardening.  Every Mother's Day, I would visit green house after greenhouse with my Mom and help her pick out the best tomato plants and flowers to plant in the garden.  We didn't have a huge garden but every year she would try to make it a little bit bigger, that is if I didn't mind doing all the digging.  Of course I didn't mind.  I would give anything to do it for her again or even listen to her for advice.  Nobody grew a garden like my Mom.

2)  Humor.  Mom Mom loved to laugh.  She wasn't a big joke teller but she loved to laugh when she heard a good one.  I can almost hear her laughing right now.

3)  Music.  My Mom loved all kinds of music but really liked sharing the music that her kids loved.  If it was something me or my brother or sisters was listening to, she would give it a listen and then give you her opinion.  She especially loved going to country music concerts with me and meeting the stars was always a bonus to her.  Some wonderful memories here.

4)  Animals.  Some of my earliest memories were going to Ross Park Zoo with my Mom.  She was the one who told me not to put my hand in the cage.  Ouch that hurt.  I can still here my Mom say, see, what did I tell you?  She also loved her dogs and cats.  I'll never forget my Mom pulling me out of St. Thomas School because our indoor cat climbed the birch tree.  She was so frantic.

5)  Respect.  Being the gentle soul that she was, my Mom always taught us by example.  I was always a big watcher.  I would see how kind my Mom was to others and would do the same.  She never judged anyone and always taught me to be the best that I can be and respect my elders.

So if you are lucky enough to share this day with your Mom, make sure you give here a hug, give her a call or make an extra long visit today.  We don't have our Moms long enough on earth.  I may not have my Mom but I do have her memory and that is something that no one can ever take away.