It's hard to believe that the Spiediefest and Balloon Rally at Binghamton's Otsiningo Park is just 64 days away.  This year's fun is scheduled for the first 3 days of August; that's August 1, 2 and 3.

Everyone keeps asking me who will be headlining the HAWK concert and all I can say is, tomorrow morning, Glenn & Traci will reveal who will be on the Stanley Law Concert Stage August 3rd at this year's Spiediefest & Balloon Rally.

Looking back on the great country entertainment that has been a part of this popular 3- day festival, there are a few that stand out in my mind.  See if you agree.

#1-  LeAnn Rimes -  Last year's headliner was so wonderful, many asking how we managed to get someone of LeAnn's caliber to play the Spiediefest show.  If you were at the concert you must agree that LeAnn has an awesome voice, incredible stage chemistry and loved to get her fans involved in the show.  I'll never forget the HAWK listeners who were so impressed that she took the time to tweet them back up until show time.  LeAnn is my top Spiediefest favorite to date.

#2-  Deana Carter -  Who could forget the hit Strawberry Wine and to hear Deana do it live was worth the price of admission.  Like LeAnn, Deana really related to her audience and showed a genuine appreciation of her Binghamton audience.  I like that.

#3 - Joe Nichols -  This was the year it rained most of the day but before it was time for Joe to hit the stage, the sun came out and all was well.  Joe sang all his hits and treated the audience to a sneak peek in to his new album at the time.  What a voice!

#4 - Little Big Town -  The 2002 HAWK show featured David Nail, James Otto, Anthony Smith and Little Big Town.  What a show!  While everyone was great, but Little Big Town was a standout.  This was LBT long before Tornado, Pontoon and all the awards.  Even though they were "hitless," I'll never forget the harmonies and how they stayed and signed autographs for everyone who wanted one.

#5 -  Mark Wills -  "I Do Cherish You,"  "Don't Laugh At Me,"  "19 Something" ...all the hits and one of the nicest guys in the business.  Everyone loved Mark that night.