Some days do you take a really good look at yourself in the mirror and then rub your eyes because the person looking back at you doesn’t look like you?  Once the aging process starts, it’s amazing how fast it happens.  I’m going through this right now and am so not ready for it.

A new survey in England came up with the 25 signs you’re getting old. Ready to see how many of them apply to you? If the answer is "a lot," you're not alone- about 60% of the people surveyed said they were showing plenty of signs from the list. And a decent number of those people were in their 20s. Here are the signs:

  1. You fall asleep in front of the TV
  2. You wake up feeling stiff
  3. You groan when you bend down
  4. You're shocked by sexual music videos
  5. You hate noisy bars and restaurants
  6. You think teachers, cops, and doctors look really young
  7. You grow more ear hair and nose hair
  8. You struggle to use technology
  9. You forget people's names
  10. You don't know any of the top 10 pop songs on the radio
  11. You choose clothes and shoes for comfort, not style
  12. You start driving slower
  13. Your tastes change and you like "older" drinks, like sherry
  14. You complain more
  15. You misplace things more often
  16. You think your coworkers keep getting younger
  17. You take mid-afternoon naps
  18. You complain about all the garbage on TV these days
  19. Your ears get bigger
  20. You like going for a nice Sunday walk
  21. You're losing your hair
  22. You go on vacation to a place that doesn't allow kids
  23. You develop an interest in gardening
  24. You like being carded for alcohol
  25. You know your alcohol limit, and cut yourself off.