I thought that it would be fun to post a picture every day now through December 25th that celebrates the holiday season.

You can participate with me by posting your photos to Instagram using #HawkHolidays. Each day in December, you'll take and post a picture of something different. Here's the list:

Day 1. Your Christmas tree
Day 2. Something glittery
Day 3. Something cold
Day 4. Something red
Day 5. An ornament
Day 6. Something furry
Day 7. A Christmas treat (cookie, etc)
Day 8. A picture of you shopping
Day 9. Santa
Day 10. Something you made
Day 11. Elves
Day 12. Something cozy
Day 13. Something hot
Day 14. Something black and white
Day 15. Something that shows your Christmas tradition
Day 16. Lights
Day 17. Something green
Day 18. Something outdoors
Day 19. Something fun
Day 20. A self portrait
Day 21. Something naughty (or nice)
Day 22. Something that brings back memories
Day 23. A photo of family
Day 24. Stockings
Day 25. Something that brings you joy

Each time you upload a photo to Instagram using #HawkHolidays, your photo will pop up below. How cool is that?