Do you remember all the grumbling over the Ralph Lauren designed 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Uniforms? Not only were they manufactured overseas, but the outfits made our team look like beret wearing French airline stewards.

Well, Ralph is back as designer for the 2014 winter Olympics and last week he unveiled Team USA's Olympic Opening Ceremony Uniform. Pretty much the only nice thing I can think to say about them is that they were made in America.

Apparently Ralph Lauren has hopped on the ugly Christmas sweater trend train because that's exactly what these look like. The sweaters are busy. And I don't mean a little busy. I mean obnoxiously busy. The button-down sweater/blazer is covered in stars, stripes, Olympic Rings, flags and more. My eyes hurt looking at them.

And then there are the sweats. Because nothing is as classy as pairing a sweater with a pair of sweatpants. But these aren't just any run of the mill sweats. No, they're white and say "2014" down the right calf. The whole look is topped off with a knit hat- one of those hats you'd expect to see someone going hunting to wear. It comes complete with ear coverings and strings that hang down.

From what I could see on Twitter, I'm not the only one not loving Team USA's uniforms. Here are just a few examples of what people are saying:

dear god we look like clowns

Team USA opening ceremony sweaters by . This time we're getting our asses kicked before the games begin.

- Ahahah these are unreal!  Team USA will be dressed like your rich aunt for the Opening Ceremony

Dont laugh. Just kidding, you can laugh. Here is Team USA's opening ceremony uniforms and they are ugly.

It's like the inbred child of a bald eagle and the 80's. My eyes are bleeding.

Can't stand the suspense and wanna check out the outfit with your own two eyes? Here you go: