They’re a three-time Grammy winning band whose three platinum-selling albums have together sold over six million copies and produced multiple #1 hit singles. In 2013, this band played for more than 1.3 million fans with over 70+ headline dates and more than a dozen major festival appearances. And they’re coming to the greater Binghamton area!

If you guessed that the band described above is the Zac Brown Band, you’d be correct! The Zac Brown band will take the stage at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open on Friday August 15th.

Tickets to the Zac Brown Band’s Friday night concert go on sale Saturday March 22nd at all Dick's Sporting Goods stores and at the Dick's Sporting Goods Open website. Tickets are $50 each and will allow you to enjoy both Friday’s 1st  Round Championship Golf and the Zack Brown Band concert.

If you’re not up on what the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open is all about, here’s a little background:

From 1971 to 2005 En-Joie Golf Club in Endicott hosted the B.C. Open, an annual PGA Tour, but in 2006, the last year the BC Open was to be played at En-Joie Golf Club, the Greater Binghamton area suffered the worst flooding from the Susquehanna River area in the region’s history.

With the golf course covered in water, mud and debris the tournament was forced to be moved to someplace else. However, in 2007 En-Joie became the host of a new Champions Tour event. The Dick’s Sporting Goods Open was born, and En-Joie once again continues to test the skills of professional golfers, now for those players over the age of 50.