If you’re planning to go out this weekend for dinner, here are some things you might want to keep in mind so that your dining experience goes as smoothly as possible, because nothing is worse than a bad dinner experience!  The top 10 things that make your waiter really mad according to a survey by Xfinity:

  • Not Calling if You’re Going to Be Late

A well-trained management and host staff should be quick on their feet, and be able to adapt to the ever-changing floor plan but being late or not showing up for a reservation can really make life difficult for the restaurant and for other customers. Whether you're late due to weather, you make a wrong turn and can't find the place, or it just took longer to get ready than you thought it would, do yourself, the restaurant, and fellow patrons a favor — call to let them know that you're running late, or not going to make it for whatever reason.

  • Ignoring Your Server

If you're looking for awful service the number 1 thing you can do is ignore your server. When they introduce themselves, make sure you’re respectful, courteous and friendly. If you do it will go a long way.

  • Waiting Until the Last Minute to Explain Allergies

If there is food that you don’t like or want, it’s incredibly helpful for the restaurant to know ahead of time instead of in the middle of service. If you have allergies to certain foods, provide management with a list of those allergies when you make your reservation.

  •  Making Them Repeat Themselves, and Repeat Themselves

Listen up! Servers hate it when they say something to a table and then the next person asks the question they just answered. The only thing they hate more than repeating themselves, is repeating themselves.

  • Not Ordering Apps and Entrées at the Same Time

Many guests don't realize that the kitchen begins cooking their entrées as soon as the ticket comes in the kitchen, an entrée can take up to 30 minutes or more to cook. Everything is timed so that when you are finished with your appetizers, there is less than 10 minutes to wait before entrées are ready.

  • Not Having Everyone at the Table Participate in the Tasting Menu

If one guest orders a five-course tasting and another guest only wants two courses, it makes it very uncomfortable during the three courses that the diner has nothing to eat.

  • “Running” Your Server

Waiters want to take care of you. Making you happy (usually) results in them making more money. But they have other guests to take care of, too. You aren't doing anyone any favors if your guest asks for a straw and when the server returns with it, you ask for lemons. This goes for drink refills and coffee orders, too. If your guest is getting another glass of wine and you want one too, get them at the same time.

  •  Stacking Your Empty Plates

Don't be passive aggressive, if your plates are there for a long time due to bad service, then say something. Otherwise, trust that the restaurant knows what they're doing and purposefully left the plates. Nothing more uncomfortable as a guest than to have it pointed out that you're the only one eating.

  • Give the Snide Remarks a Break

Making snide comments about 'milking' or 'butchering' the cow when asking about where a dish is makes no one want to help.

  • Bleep Me? ... Bleep You!

Just remember to error is human and cursing at your waiter will not solve anything.