I work with someone who has a dinosaur of a phone and I mean literally a dinosaur. This guy is using a BlackBerry 8700 (the first BlackBerry to feature a ball), released in 2006. I had one of these and if you did too, then you know the headaches the ball caused when it would fall out, or get clogged with lint or whatever and stop spinning.

It's been 10 years since the BlackBerry 8700 was released, but did you know that it's also been 10 years since the very first iPhone was released?

Much like the changes made to the BlackBerry (including getting rid of that darn ball), the iPhone has gone through so many changes and those changes have made it better, and faster. And yet, some people are still holding on to their first generation iPhone (much like the guy I work with who refuses to upgrade his BlackBerry to something newer).

While the original iPhone isn't very reliable, and the battery life is horrendous, many people who have one aren't just holding on to it because they're unable to embrace new technology (unlike the guy I work with- that's what his deal is). They're keeping their first generation iPhone because they're worth a lot of money.

How much are old school iPhones worth? According to Market Watch, one guy was offered $11,000 for his unopened iPhone, but he turned the offer down because he's sure he'll be able to get at least $15,000 for it. Other versions of the iPhone are also selling like hotcakes. Scroll through eBay and you'll be amazed at how much people are selling their old school, unopened iPhones for. One seller is trying to get $30,000 for a "Super Special Apple iPhone 1st Generation 8g Rare Sealed 1g."

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