There has been long been a debate on how often you should wash certain household items. Rugs, bed sheets, hand towels etc. are some of the most used things in the house. Towels are used to dry hand and your body after you clean yourself, so they should be that dirty right? Actually, wrong.

I assumed that after multiple soaps and shampoo using a towel to dry yourself wouldn’t be a risk to your health, but in this case, I was shocked. Experts are now telling us that towels are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. GROSS!

Every time you use your towel you are transferring dead skin cells from your skin to the towel. When you combine those skin cells with the moisture soaked up by the towel, you create the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. I am kind of scared now. The experts say we should wash our towels every two days! Does that seem a little excessive? They also say we should wash our dish towels daily! Who has time to do that much laundry?!

[via Daily Mail]

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