We need your help in finding this woman as soon as possible!

Ali Malsand is 17 years old with developmental delays and mental health diagnoses and she went missing in the Castle Creek area on September 26th around 5:30 p.m.

She acts and sounds much younger and she likes to play with toys and items for much younger kids. When Ali speaks, it sounds more like baby talk and has problems pronouncing the "R" sounds.

She stands 5'1" and weighs 105 pounds and she might be wearing yellow shorts and a pink shirt. Ali likes to wear baseball and cowboy hats. If she has been taken or you see her with someone, she doesn't have the mental capacity to say yes to something.

Their family have devoted their lives to adopting and fostering special needs children and they would love your help in bringing Ali back home. Please help get the word out and help bring sweet Ali home.

She may have been picked up and she has no phone. Go here for further information about Ali Masland.

If you've seen her or have any information, contact the Broome County Sheriff's Department at (607) 778-1911 or contact Lynne Masland here.

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