If you're anything like me, you need a haircut... bad.

For those of you whose hair is getting out of control, there's hope on the horizon.

In Friday's coronavirus briefing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo that salons and barber shops are included in Phase Two of the state's phased regional re-opening approach.

This means that people's ability to get a good haircut is fairly high on the state's business priority list.

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So when might we hit phase two? The Southern Tier on Friday just entered phase one of the re-opening plan, which includes construction, manufacturing, and retail establishments for curbside pickup.

Once a region enters phase one, according to the state's re-opening plan, the status of the region would be evaluated after two weeks to see if it may go into Phase Two.

This would indicate that, assuming the Southern Tier continues to meet the state's metrics and there are no case spikes, the region's status would likely be evaluated on or around May 29. If given the okay by the state, we would then enter Phase Two.

Given all of the above, early June is likely the earliest that salons and barbershops will be given the green light to re-open.

My personal advice, you're going to want to make an appointment as early as you possibly can wherever you get your hair cut. Once these barbershops and salons get up and running, there will likely be a humongous backlog to get in for a haircut...

Watch the governor's Friday press conference here:

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[via Governor Cuomo's Office, New York Times]

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