Are you a busy parent working from home during quarantine? Are you missing your babysitter a lot? Well, you should know that there is a new virtual trend that can possibly help you with your kids.

According to, there is a new trend that involves virtual babysitters helping many parents out with their kids during their busy workdays at home. This is extremely interesting because you are practicing social distancing yet still have someone to watch your kids during your productive day.

Virtual babysitting sounds pretty helpful during these social distancing days because it keeps everyone safe. Your children can get help with homework or be kept entertained with different games. It was mentioned on that virtual babysitting works via Facetime, Zoom, or any other video calling platform.

Now the question is, how is the virtual babysitter going to make sure the kid sticks around during the virtual call and not run to mommy or daddy while they are working from home? We know that small kids can be all over the place and can easily walk away. So really, this can definitely have its pros and cons. said that virtual babysitting would probably work best with children 5 years and older to ensure the child will able to focus a little more on the calls with the babysitter.

We learned from that some of the virtual babysitting sites that offer the service are SitterCityThe Babysitting Company, and Broadway Babysitters.

Another interesting fact shared by was that virtual babysitting has grown by 700% in the last few weeks and it's very likely that it'll continue to grow even more in the future.

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