You have probably been asked this question in the past. "Have you been living under a rock"? The answer may soon be yes!

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Enter your number to get our free mobile app is offering the chance to rent out a cave that is deep under rock and it is available for you until after the election.

The news and the political stuff online is getting to be overbearing for some this year. For many, it has become depressing to hear all of the anger and hate and the idea of living under a rock until it all ends it not such a bad thought. The old adage of "ignorance is bliss" comes to mind in this case.

According to the report, A man-made cave 50-feet underground in New Mexico and can now be rented as a vacation home. It's available for five nights from November 2nd to the 7th.

You can start to register for the room as of this Friday.

With COVID-19 still a risk, many hotels are suffering. It is hard to convince people that it is safe to stay in a room after others have stayed. I am sure that hotels are taking every precaution and going above and beyond what is expected for cleaning. However, there are some who are not willing to take any risk until it may be safer to do so.

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