The legendary Four Sixes Ranch (often written as the 6666 Ranch) was recently sold for just under $200 million to a group that's believed to be led by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. Initial listings show that the owners sought more than $340 million for the 143,000-acre property.

The barn, cattle, mineral rights (oil), main house and more are part of the sale. Real estate broker Sam Middleton confirms to KVUE-TV that the property has sold, but didn't disclose the buyer.

For more than a year, Sheridan's name was attached to the buy, and after closing, the Fort Worth Report confirmed it was Sheridan's group who picked up the property. Portions of Season 4 of Yellowstone (the scenes involving Jimmy) were filmed on the ranch, and a spinoff show set on the ranch is thought to be currently in production.

The sale is a first for a ranch founded by Samuel "Burk" Burnett in 1870. When he died, he passed it down to family, and eventually the ranch came under the control of Anne W. Marion, who died in 2020. Terms of her will dictated that the ranch be sold, so for the first time in 150 years, it was.

During that family's tenure as owners, the ranch expanded mightily across west Texas and the Panhandle. A major oil field was discovered on the 6666's ranch in 1969 — John Dutton (Kevin Costner) mentions this during Season 3 and 4 of Yellowstone, noting how he'd like to be in charge of his own destiny, like the King County Ranch is.

The Four Sixes sits near Guthrie, Texas, four hours west of Dallas. Sheridan is from nearby Fort Worth, Texas, and is an avid horseman. Perhaps not coincidentally, his role on Yellowstone is as a liaison to the Four Sixes for the Dutton family in Montana. He plays a rodeo champion named Travis.

PICS: See Inside the Historic Texas Ranch Where the New 'Yellowstone: 6666' Spinoff Is Filmed

The massive, historic Texas ranch where the new Yellowstone spinoff Yellowstone: 6666 is filming has sold for just under $200 million, and pictures show a property that is truly part of Texas history.

The 6666 Ranch — better-known as the Four Sixes Ranch — in Guthrie, Texas, dates back to 1870. The ranch centers around a 13-bedroom, 13-bathroom, 13,280-square-foot main residence, which is constructed of quarry rock that was hauled to Guthrie by wagon. The ranch also includes vast, sweeping fenced pastures, farmland, fenced-in pens for cattle, a more recent addition for horses, a water filtration plant that serves the ranch's water needs and more.

There are separate camp manager's homes in both the North Camp and the South Camp of the ranch, which encompasses nearly 225 square miles of land. Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan is part of a group of investors who recently acquired the property for $192 million, and he has been shooting his new show out there in recent months.

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