We have all seen the guy or girl. Ripped up shirt, a giant shaker bottle, and a bunch of white chalk around them. They are getting ready to kick the gym’s butt. They breath heavy and grunt like there’s no tomorrow. The grunts get louder and louder. The number of the rep they are on echo’s through the gym like a touchdown celebration under the Friday night lights.

You judge them.

But, they are actually getting a great workout in.

The University of Hawaii has released evidence that grunting while working out will actually boost your performance. Yelling loudly can actually help you get a better lift or workout in! The grunting and yelling helps you exert more physical force which allows you to move and lift heavier weights.

There is a trade off to the people who are walking around the gym yelling. Grunt can create restricted blood vessels and unnecessary pressure on your chest. These two factors can actually lead to blood pressure problems.

My advice is to just go ahead with your workout. You are there to make yourself better and no one should judge you!

To grunt or not to grunt, that is the question.

[via Newsweek]

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