Snickers bars are as the commercials say, satisfying.  They always seem to do the trick if you are hungry, eat a snickers and it's all better.  It has to do with the peanuts being a good source of protein.

I'm not going to lie, I can eat plenty of Snickers bars.  I'll eat the mini ones or the full size ones.  Although, somehow I can eat more mini's than full size ones.  I will devour 6 minis which is about like eating 2 full size bars but if I had to eat 2 bars, I couldn't do it probably.

You would need a whole lot of minis and full size bars to even come close to the worlds largest Snickers bar that was just unveiled in Texas.

We are talking 12 feet long, 24 inches high and 26 inches wide and weighing close to 5,000 pounds.

In case you are wondering, it has the exact same ingredients as a normal bar but obviously way more.

If you plan on watching the Big Game, you'll see it in the commercials.

You can also read more HERE

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