36 years ago, history was made in Upstate New York when a crowd of nearly 40,000 people came from near and far to witness the making of the world’s largest pancake.

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The record holding pancake was made in Penn Yan in the Finger Lakes Region on September 27, 1987, and it took a huge team to make it happen.

An entire crew worked together to create a buckwheat pancake that was large enough that it could feed 7,200 people. Topping the monstrous pancake was 15 gallons of gooey syrup and a pat of butter that weighed in at 68 pounds.

What did a pancake of this magnitude weigh? The pancake weighed in at 4,050 pounds. It measured 28 feet and was one inch in diameter.

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So much batter was needed to make it that a brand-new cement truck was sterilized, and the batter was mixed inside of it. A crane was used to flip the pancake, a requirement in order for it to be recognized as the world’s largest pancake by Guiness World Records.

After the ginormous pancake was made; it was cut into big chunks and local churches sold those chunks for $1.00 a piece to anyone brave enough to try it. According to the Finger Lakes Times, a woman who tried a piece of the pancake said that it was "tough."

Although Penn Yan no longer holds the record for the World's Largest Pancake (the record was beat in 1994 by Rochdale, England), the griddle used to make the one-time record holding pancake is on display for anyone who visits Birkett Mills in Penn Yan.

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