JYSK, Dictionary.com has added over 300 new words & phrases and one of the the words has me feeling disillusioned today.

Here's a few:

Infodump: "A large quantity of backstory supplied all at once." The Hawk Morning Show would never ever do that.

JSYK: "Just so you know." If we don't tell you then you might not know...Just so you know.

Finally the word that has me a little unhappy today:

Dad Joke: "A corny and generally unfunny joke, reminiscent of the types of remarks made by middle-aged or elderly fathers.

So why does this word have me disappointed? Not the elderly father part, because when I think elderly, I think wise. I'd love to have people think I have wisdom. It's the "generally unfunny" part of the noun.

People laugh when I tell a Dad Joke, so I figured it must be funny. Have I been wrong all this time? Tell me this joke isn't funny:

Tara asked me to put the cat out. I said, "Why, is it on fire." Ohh, on second thought, I see what they are talking about.

You can go here to see the rest of the list. Sadly my words "Pavlov Dog" and "Love and Giveation" didn't make it again this year.

Here some phrases that should be avoided:

Don't start a sentence with the phrase, "Well, my therapist says..." I also think, "Well, my former cellmate said...", should be avoided too.

Don't call anyone you've ever dated 'crazy'. Although if you've never dated anyone that was "crazy" then maybe it's you.

Don't ask anything too personal about them, no matter how curious you are. For example, "What’s wrong with you?"

Don't use a coupon. I say bring a coupon with you. If it doesn't look like there will be a 2nd date or you don't want another one then you might as well save some money. Who knows she might find frugalness (my word that might bug you) appealing...I doubt it though.

I can't tell you what to do but I certainly can tell you what not to do. Remember this is worth what you paid for it.

[via Dictionary.com]