Well, this is bad news for my mid-30's childless self. Apparently women should start having babies at the age of 25.

The results of a new Gallup poll may surprise you like they surprised me. The poll found that the majority of Americans (58%) think the ideal age for women to start having children is 25. I can't even imagine if I'd had babies at 25. I was still such a baby myself- on the other hand, my little sister is 25 and has two babies and is surviving perfectly fine.

Now, on the other hand, most Americans think men shouldn’t start having kids until they’re 26 or older. Which I guess makes sense because it's said men mature slower than women. Right?

The survey found attitudes about the ideal age for having children vary based on factors like education, sex and racial background. For instance, college-educated people are more likely to think women should wait until they’re 26 or older to become moms and women are more likely than men to consider age 30 and older ideal for motherhood.

What do you think?  Is 25 the magic age?