Last week, the Uno Pizzeria and Grill in Vestal's Town Square Mall on the Vestal Parkway vanished. The building still stands, but gone are any traces of the restaurant that called the structure home for 25 years. One day the restaurant was operating and the next, a sign had been posted to the front door stating, "Goodbye is Never Easy."

Bob Joseph of WNBF visited the now vacant Uno Pizzeria and Grill to see if he could dig up any additional information as to why the restaurant closed and while there, he snapped this photo:

Bob Joseph
Bob Joseph

Do you see what I see? I see pizza trays, platter stands, a step stool, what looks to be dishes and more.

I'm irritated.

I just can't wrap my head around why so many people and businesses throw away things that are in perfectly good shape when they could be donated to individuals or organizations that could use the things. I think about the woman who's just left an abusive relationship and is starting her life all over with the help of the Rise Shelter in Endicott. Maybe she's short and could use a stool to reach things on the higher shelves in her kitchen. What about the various organizations such as area Legions or VFWs that often host benefit dinners? Maybe they could have used some of the pizza baking sheets or platters.

The amount of waste that we, as humans, put out is disgusting.

I wish more businesses would do what a hotel in Wisconson did. The Ramada Plaza is being turned into a Delta Hotels by Marriott which means a big remodel. Instead of tossing their furniture, light fixtures, artwork and such, the hotel has donated everything to their local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The money made by the store through the sale of the items donated by the hotel will benefit those in need in their community.

Recently, we've been talking about what businesses should fill some of the empty space left by businesses closing their doors locally. Maybe we've had it all wrong. Maybe what we need is a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Sure, we have Goodwill and Salvation Army store, but maybe we need a store that will take building, restaurant, and design supplies and then we'll be able to help even more people in our community. 0.87 cents from every dollar made by a Habitat for Humanity ReStore is put back into the community and businesses that donate are able to write the donation off on their taxes. It really is a win, win.

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