HEY LISTEN UP! Did you know that the first full week in March is Listening Awareness Week? Hello...HELLO, I'm talking here.

Traci and I had a conversation yesterday on the air about conversations that we find boring. We even asked listeners what topics they tune out too. The answers ranged from "someone else's pet" to "my girlfriends day at work."

Here are something things that we discovered: Men listen for certain words in a conversation like food, sports, loving. Women seem to have the ability to find the one thing we say wrong and remind us of it over and over again...for the rest of our lives.

As a man, I want to help the ladies know when we aren't listening. You probably already know but I should at least look like I'm trying to help.

We may not be listening when:

The waiter just brought us our food, you tell us about your girlfriend's problems and when sports are on the TV...alright, anything on TV.

Bottom line:

There seems to be a disconnect. I know as a man that we must listen and we love you but it doesn't always turn out that way. Pride and priorities get in the way and no one gets what they want.

Just saying "Uh-huh" at the right time doesn't help and "What can I say to end this conversation", only makes the conversation go longer...a lot longer.

We know your talking but we don't seem to hear you. I think it's a man thing and I don't know why. Some try a couples psychiatrist and still no one listens, costing you time and money.

I don't have the answer, do you?  So what conversation bores you?

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