Have you been feeling guilty because you've been eating more during this coronavirus pandemic and you've put on the COVID 19 pounds? There is a way to lose it with the Mark Patrick Seminars but that's another story for another day.

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You want to eat today and you need an excuse. I've got the answer for you: It's National Donut Day. It's celebrated on the first Friday in June and it's origins go back over 100 years to the Salvation Army's involvement in World War I.

In 1917, a Salvation Army lassie handed a fresh doughnut to a homesick doughboy in France. Helen Purviance, an ensign in the Salvation Army, was sent to France to work with the American First Division.

She and a fellow officer, Ensign Margaret Sheldon began making donuts to give to the soldiers. They cheered the doughnuts and soon referred to them as the "doughnut dollies" even when they baked apple pies or other treats.

Read the whole story here. So for the last 82 years, the Salvation Army doughnut has stood for loving concern for those in the armed forces.

Now we know the history and it's awesome, now I need to find my free doughnut...or better yet, I'll go to several local donut establishments and buy a dozen. That's the true way to celebrate today. Help the local businesses...and I get to eat doughnuts.

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