I think I speak on behalf on anyone who's ever worked for 98.1 The Hawk when I say that having the opportunity to be a DJ on this radio station is a huge honor, one that only a few have experienced. I am one of those few.

Hi, I'm Doug Mosher and I'm the new 10am-3pm weekday DJ on 98.1 The Hawk. Today is my first day, and this is my very first article, so I thought I'd introduce myself.

While I'm new to the 10am-3pm air shift, I'm not new to the Hawk. Some of you might remember me and some might not, but I was the evening DJ on 98.1 The Hawk several years ago.

I was born at Binghamton General Hospital and raised in this city. My father worked for General Aniline Film (GAF) where he worked in the dark most of his life and my mom was a stay at home mom but she also ran a daycare in our house. I have two brothers and a sister and I am the oldest of the four. All of us kids live in the area.

My love for music and the radio started when I was very little. My mom likes to tell the story of how I would sit in the corner of a room spinning, a 45 record on a soda bottle. I've been a broadcaster in our community for many years, as well as a musician in several area bands.

I am a husband, a dad, a grandfather, and a NAVY veteran.

I love country music and have so many stories about the people I've met. There was the time I hung out with Garth Brooks, and the other time I spent an entire day with Blake Shelton. And, I can't forget about when I got to meet Johnny Cash, or when I sang on stage with Alabama.

I look forward to being on 98.1 The Hawk Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm and look forward to meeting you. There might be times I'm not able to get to the phone during my show, but you can hit me up with an email anytime you want. I hope to hear from you!

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