A Cornell University researcher believes a byproduct of yogurt production could be put to use developing a new drink that could intrigue craft beer lovers.

Sam Alcaine, an assistant professor in Cornell's Department of Food Science, has been looking into how acid whey might serve as an ingredient for a new type of alcoholic beverage.

Alcaine's had an interest in developing new brews in the past when he was a product innovation manager for Miller Brewing.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program Thursday morning, Alcaine noted acid whey is a product that is left over during the manufacture of Greek-style yogurt.

Alcaine said there aren't many profitable uses for acid whey now. He hopes his research may change that.

Alcaine said the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation got in touch with Cornell to find out if someone could come up with a come up with some "novel solutions" to the whey challenge.

Some initial taste-testing already has been conducted as Alcaine works to develop a whey-based beer. He said about 100 people tried some samples a few weeks ago.

Alcaine viewed the feedback as "very, very positive" and very encouraging.

LISTEN to Sam Alcaine describe his dairy beer research in this Binghamton Now interview.

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