In my short time on this earth I have come to discover a few things. Good deeds make you feel better, soda from a fountain in better than a bottle, and the number one argument amongst couples is where to eat!

I have seen from my parents, my friends, even my lackluster dating life: the number one fight in an argument is where to grab food!

The words “I don’t care” or “that place is fine” sounds like nails on a chalkboard when a potential spot for grub is proposed. They also could set off a chain of events that could end a relationship. INSANITY!

This past Friday a friend and I decided to grab a nice dinner. We agreed upon the Mexican food variety. Fortunately, Binghamton has a large variety of places to eat. We did not argue about where to eat, we were productive.

Together we created a “Pros and Cons” list (well more her). We listed the distance from our houses, the prices, who had better, margaritas, who had better food. We also added the Yelp ratings, which in hindsight I find hilarious.

There was no argument, no passive aggressiveness, just a small debate over the list. At some point one of the places will have more Pro’s than the other, and that’s the place we decided to eat!


Then today I was presented an even easier way to decided where to eat. Find out where your partner’s least favorite place is to eat. When they suggest going out to eat, you suggest the least favorite place. Your partner will immediately retaliate with where they actually want to go.

Crisis averted.

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