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In a year full of calamities, residents in New York state have had to deal with something a little more unusual.

The Post Standard is reporting that more fireballs were spotted over the state Monday night. This comes less than a week after a loud sonic boom was heard in western parts pf New York state. The AMC is saying there were three separate times, over two hours, where fireballs were being reported, at 7:31, 8:30, and 9:21 respectively.

The American Meteor Society reports that witnesses across the eastern U.S. and Canada reported the meteors streaking brightly across the sky Monday evening. The video above, shot in Oswego, shows a meteor shooting across the night sky before exploding in the air, causing the loud boom that was reported.

This was the 9:21 incident, according to the AMC.

The three separate time periods indicate that a larger rock may have split up high above the Earth as it entered the atmosphere. This may have caused the meteor to fragment and reign down below in separate pieces over a significant distance.

Just last week another meteor exploded over the state, which some witnesses describe sounding like a loud gunshot or a falling tree. While many tons of space debris fall upon the Earth every year, most are too small and go unnoticed.

Many disintegrate before hitting the surface. Other space rocks may explode high up in the atmosphere, but over open water or sparsely populated areas.

It had been quite an active period for fireball sightings.

You may have heard about the bright fireball that was seen all over the eastern part of the country in November? Some outlets, such as the Gothamist, claim the space rock actually crashed somewhere in the area.

Hundreds of reports poured in from witnesses all over the east coast at around 7:22 P.M. that evening. The American Meteor Society says the fireball's visible light trail ended somewhere over Poughkeepsie, according to the reports they received.

Scientists also say a meteor may have exploded high above New York state in late 2019, causing an eerie greenish light to be seen in the sky that night, according to the many reports in the Saratoga area.

But then there was the time an actual meteorite landed here in the Hudson valley, or in this case, right through a teenager's car in Peekskill. 

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