Although no formal announcement has been made yet, a new article on Disney’s streaming service in the Wall Street Journal claims Disney+ will “will launch in November” with software developers instructed “to dial back other projects to make sure the service can handle millions of subscribers when it launches” and workers at Disney’s streaming division “told to focus on the Disney+ launch and to cut back on bringing in new outside clients.” (The division also works on the streaming technology for outside companies like the WWE.)

Disney+ will include many original programs, including the first live-action Star Wars television series, The Mandalorian. But even the new material will largely remake or build upon the old. The Journal reports that Disney’s research about the viewing habits of the customers of its U.K. streaming service, DisneyLife, suggests that “subscribers say they want new programming but often just watch the old.” That’s why they’re making new versions of old properties, like Star Wars and Marvel, and a new version of High School Musical. Don’t be shocked if updated versions of classic cartoons follow.

Disney+ is basically the biggest question mark on the entire entertainment landscape right now. Will it be a legitimate competitor to Netflix? How long will Disney keep it competitive, and continue to pump it with new shows and movies, if it doesn’t immediately turn into a success? Will new Star Wars and Marvel television shows at home discourage people from paying $15 to see Star Wars and Marvel movies in the theater? It’s going to be a very interesting time, starting next November.

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