Talk about your mild winters, it seems like we've missed every major snow storm in the Southern Tier. I know we've seen some and it could be different where you live but we've seen NOTHING like we did in December of 2020.

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They were calling for 20 inches (which is a lot) and we got over 40 inches (that's a lot more) of snow by the time that all was said and done. In the last five years, we've averaged nearly 62 inches of snow. That made us the sixth snowiest city in the US, just behind Buffalo (5th) and Syracuse (6th).

I feel bad for all the local snowplow drivers that make their living clearing out driveways and parking lots. It'll only take one BIG snowstorm to bring this year's total up but for now, I would say that we are down.

As of March 3rd, 2023, we've only seen 23.1 inches of snow and that ranks us 103rd in the US. Compare that to 2022 when we had 92.5 (ranked 26th), 2020 with 104.2 (ranked 12th) and 2018 with 112.0 inches (ranked 7th). Yes, I was also surprised when I saw that we had more snow in 2018 then 2020.

Least Amount Of Snow That Binghamton Has Seen In A Winter

I would say that we are down...but is this the least amount of snow that Binghamton has ever seen seen?  There is still two weeks left before Spring is officially here (March 20th), so we aren't done yet.

However, even if we didn't get another snowflake in the Southern Tier, it wouldn't be the lowest ever. We would have to go back...way back to 1940 to s find the lowest snow total in Binghamton.

In 1940, the Southern Tier had 8.4 inches of snow but there is a catch. the data from that year is more than 5% incomplete. So even though we don't know for sure on how much snow fell that year, I think it's safe to say it was less then what we have now.

The next lowest is from 1938 with 28.4 inches of much for that climate change theory they keep throwing at us. What about in the last 60 years? Since 1963, the lowest amount of snowfall from our area is from 2006 with 48.7 inches of snow.

So if we don't get a Nor'easter, this could be the lowest since the 1940's. By the way, they've been keeping track of the yearly snowfall since 1893, so if you're interested in seeing how much snowfall we had in the Southern Tier on the year that you were born, check it out here. Mine was 87.8 inches of snow

In case, you forgot what a lot of snow looks like, let's look back to December 2020. Which way do you prefer? 

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