For the last few weeks, my daughter, Tara, and I have been taking quite a few trips. We went to Enchanted Forest Water Safari with a few of her friends. Last week, we went with my brother-in-law's family to Gettysburg to do some ghost hunting.

This week, we are going to Darien Lake with a friend of her's. We've been making some incredible memories and am looking forward to our trip on Wednesday. While we were traveling around, I asked her to get my sunglasses out of the glove box.

She grabbed them, but then she found A LOT OF OTHER THINGS in there as well.

First of all, why is it called a "glove box?" In the early days of the automobile, there was no heater and you would have to wear heavy gloves to keep your hands warm. When they were done, they would keep their driving gloves in the compartment and thus the name "glove box."

The only gloves that are in my glove box are winter gloves....that I forgot were still in there. This reminds me of a friend of mine that used to work at the station with me. He told me what he kept in his glove box and that made me wonder if I need to get new friends.

My friend, we’ll call him Jim, told me that he kept radio station bumper stickers in the glove box, around 98 of them or so. When I asked him why he did that, I thought he’d tell me it was so that he could hand them out to people if they recognized him when he was out around town. That wasn’t it at all.

Jim told me that he packed his glove box full of bumper stickers so that whenever he got pulled over (he had a lead foot) and had to reach into the glove box for his registration, the stickers would fall out.

When the police officer asked why he had so many radio station bumper stickers in his glove box, Jim would tell him/her that he worked at the radio station and then offer them one.

According to Jim, the police officer would more often than not, tell him to have a nice day and send him on his way. Obviously, this was before the days of dash and body cameras because I don’t think that would work these days.

So what's in my glove box? I keep my registration, a hair pic, a 2013 Sonic coupon along with Sun-In. The Sun-In isn't mine, it's for a friend (Uh-Huh.)

How about you, What's inside your glove box?

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