I know it will never happen, but just play along with me here, will you?

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I saw an article posted by Lou Milano of radio station I-95, asking his listeners if Connecticut had their own pro football team, would they root for them and only them. So it got me thinking, what if Binghamton had an NFL team?

When it comes to the Binghamton area, most NFL fans seem to root for the Giants with the Bills in a close second and the Jets in a distant third. Then there are people like me that route for teams from other states. But what if, and I know it will never happen, but what if Binghamton was granted and NFL team. Would you route for them instead of the NFL team you currently root for?

If I was the owner of the Binghamton NFL franchise, I would have to come up with a name. I think I would choose a tough sounding name like the Binghamton Bullies, or the Binghamton Bombers. The logo for the Bombers could be an old World War II plane, that would be a nod to the Edward A. Link simulators that were used to train World War II pilots and were made right here in Binghamton.

Then I would have to choose what colors I would want my uniforms to be. Binghamton High School's colors are red and blue. And while I have no problem with the colors red and blue, there are already several NFL teams with those colors. I think green and yellow like the Oregon Ducks uniforms would be cool, but have you ever seen a green and yellow fighter jet? No, neither have I. So I'm thinking I would have to go with either a gray and black, green and black, or even blue and gold color scheme, you know like the Blue Angels, color scheme to fit the fighter jet logo.

Take a look at what the Binghamton Bombers logo would look like!

Created on Canva.com
Created on Canva.com

I would also have to decide where to build an NFL stadium. I'm sure local and state government would want a say in that, but here's what I'm thinking. There's plenty of room up by the airport. I would purchase land, level it out, and build a football stadium up there. A stadium up by the airport would be convenient for opposing teams, they could fly right in to The Greater Binghamton Airport. That is, if the runway is big enough to handle their team Jets. I would also build a couple of hotels near the stadium so the opposing teams could stay there as well as fans from out of town.

If that location didn't work, I would probably look to build somewhere off Route 17, either down towards Deposit, or out towards Nichols.

Again, I know it's never going to happen, but it is fun to dream. So, would you root for the Binghamton professional football team?

[via: I 95]

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