Mother's Day is this Sunday, so don't forget your Mom or the Motherly figure in your life this weekend. Mom's are wise...It's a simple but true statement. If we are lucky, we'll realize it early. Sometimes we discover it late and hopefully, we learn it before it's too late.

I've said this many times, "If being a mom was easy then dads would do it." You may laugh but as a father, I know it's true and I appreciate my mother now more than ever.

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There are so many names for a mom like mama, mum, and mother. I have called her "Masquaw" for most of my life and I'll explain at the end.

When I was growing up,  my mom was the ace-in-the-hole if I wanted to impress a girl. If I was looking for a great radio bit, I know that I can call my mom and she'll be awesome every time. She didn't just give me great moments in life, she gave me mom-ents.

She believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. She was there when I was wandering the wilderness and never lost faith in me. My shortcomings aren't her fault...or my dad's either.

I know that I'm so fortunate to have a Mom like mine. She gave me a great Christian upbringing, she didn't just talk the talk, she also walked the walk. My mom and dad were the leaders of the Warren Center Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) group.

Where The Name "Masquaw" Came From

It was at MYF, where she got the name "Masquaw." I started calling her by that name from the comic strip "Redeye." One time at group, the question was "how do you know that you are loved."

We went around the room and gave our answers. My mom went last and she said "When I'm called Masquaw." After that, everyone called her by that name and I still do today.

Ask Yourself This On Mother's Day Weekend

On this Mother's Day weekend, I'll leave you with these two questions: What do you call your mom and why?

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