Do you spend hard earned cash behind your significant others back? If you're at the point of joint bank accounts, it'll obviously be a little more difficult to spend money without them knowing. If you find a ninja way of spending money what do you go pick up? I'm different.... I would be buying audio/video equipment. Which is pricey and harder to hide so I just wouldn't.

A new survey asked random people about secretly spending money and if they even did, 69% said nope, not happeneing.

The other 31% however... There's 6 items that top the list. Here they are:

1. Clothes or beauty products, 7%.

2. Gambling, 6%.

3. Foods they feel guilty about eating, 6%.

4. Alcohol, 3%.

5. Porn and strippers, 3%.

6. Cigarettes, 2%.

(Via: Daily Mail)

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