Country stars aren't just talented pretty faces who are gifted with words. In fact, many of them took the time to earn college degrees while harvesting their passion for music.

Take Garth Brooks — he doesn't just sell out stadiums and have a lengthy list of hit songs. The country icon has an advertising degree from Oklahoma State University hanging among his many prestigious music awards.

It's no surprise that Kris Kristofferson is very talented, but he's also very smart. He graduated summa cum laude (whoa!) with a literature degree. Perhaps that's where he really honed his songwriting skills? Kristofferson didn't stop there, though — he also got a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University, where he studied at Merton College.

Carrie Underwood is a smart pants, too! The American Idol graduated magna cum laude from Northeastern State University. Bonus: She earned college credit for her time on the reality series!

Kix Brooks, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney and Sheryl Crow also stayed in school past the typical K-12 — but the list doesn't stop there. Scroll through the gallery above to learn which of your favorite singers went to college and what degree they obtained.

See Which Country Singers Have College Degrees:

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