Adam Weitsman has done it again. He's come to the rescue and has offered his help and this time it's for two lady Lululemon employees that lost their jobs after they tried to do the right thing. What did these two young ladies do that cost them their job? The answer may surprise you.

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I've never heard of the store called "Lululemon" but if you know then you know. More people know about this store now after they fired the two women employees including an assistant manager.

So what prompted the firing? Did they steal from the cash register? Give their friends a "discount" on their purchases? Show up late to work and leave early everyday? No...on all three counts. They lost their job because they CALLED THE POLICE while the store was being robbed.

Lululemon Employees Attempt To Stop Shoplifters

They didn't try to physically stop the pillagers instead they reported the robbery to the police department. The police later tracked down the thieves and the three thieves were charged with felony robbery charges.

So why were they let go? According to the former assistant manager, Jennifer Ferguson, they are not supposed to get in the way and kind of clear a path for whatever they are going to do. They aren't supposed to call the police or talk about it.

Lululemon has a "no-tolerance policy" and they were immediately terminated. The women were told that it would "look bad for Lululemon to be the company calling the police." This is where Adam Weitsman comes in.

Adam Weitsman Helps Two Fired Lululemon Employees

Weitsman took to FB and said "this world has officially gone crazy. 2 workers trying to stop a robbery of their store, then call police get fired for it ?"

Weitsman heard that the two loyal employees were let go and he wanted to do something about it. He is going to locate the two ex-Lululemon employees and send them $5k each and offer them a new job asap.

Weitsman (along with many others) doesn't think that Lululemon should be canceled but they should step up and do the right thing. Maybe they have by now but we know that Weitsman wasn't waiting around to find out.

In true Adam Weitsman fashion, he has not commented on what job he helped them get, because he's not doing it for himself but for the two employees that "dared" to call the police.

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