We all have some quirky things we do around the holidays, they come with the territory. Maybe it’s a different way of distributing gifts or the way you dress. I opened up the phones the other day asking you for some weird or unusual traditions you have.


Walter gave me a call about a tradition him and his kids do. They always left a note for Santa to help himself to their fridge. Hilarious! I asked Walter what Santa’s favorite food was. He said bacon. We both had a great laugh.


Along those lines one of my best friends Bryan said they used to leave Slim Jims and Beer. Now we all know why Santa has a little bit of a weight problem.


My family and I have a few crazy traditions as well. It is a commonly accepted fact in the Franiak family that Christmas Vacation is not only the greatest holiday movie of all time, but the greatest single movie of all time. We have all seen it so many times we watch it in other languages now for fun.


We also have a large cutout of former Philadelphia Eagles player Jon Runyan in our basement. Every year Jon gets a holiday makeover which includes a scarf and a Santa hat. This went on for years and years and came full circle when I was living in Philadelphia. I actually started working with Jon! I showed him a picture of his cutout dressed up and he loved it. I was relieved as this 6 foot 9 inch monster didn’t choke me out.


Do you have any weird holiday traditions? I would love to hear them.



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