Recently, Traci did a terrific story about how the average person is lied up to 200 times a day. Think about that, that's the AVERAGE, so half the time, you are lied too more than that.

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You can read all about it here including the "US Dishonesty Index" and what State has the most lying people in it .I was totally wrong about which State was #1 and New York did much better than I thought it would.

So how do you spot a lie? According to Nick Morgan, author of "How to Read Body Language" and others, there are three ways to spot a lie.

3 Ways To Spot A Lie

Listen for verbal loopholes. If they try to qualify what they say, they may be trying to give themselves an out if they are caught. If they start their sentence with "I think," it gives them latitude for telling the truth.

There is a well-known politician that has a tendency to say "not a joke" before they lie and that person says it ALL the time and it always seems to be a lie. Did you see what I did there??? I added "seems" to my story to give ME latitude.

Look at body language. If you ask a direct question and the person starts to fidget, it could be a lie. If they start tapping their foot, it could be a lie in progress...unless that person does it all of the time.

If you suspect they aren't telling the truth, ask a mundane question and observe the body language, then ask the loaded question and see if they maintain the same posture.

According to the experts (I gave myself latitude again), the feet don't lie and the truth will leak out of the feet."

Look for personal grooming. If someone is telling a whooper, watch for them to itch their nose. The increased blood flow causes the nerve endings in the nose to tingle and make it itchy.

This could cause them to scratch the itch on their nose to make it feel better. This has been called the "Pinocchio Effect." If they also begin to scratch their ears or neck when they are exaggerating.

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