Everyday life is hard and sometimes overwhelming. So wouldn't it be awesome to make it easier without working hard for it? Well, here ya go. These are in no particular order of course because that would be too much work.

When you're at the dentist or doctor waiting room and you're killing time, try this. Take a photo of the bar code, name and address of the magazine on the table.

You'll have the details you need to log in and read the online version of the magazine. I'm told this works most of the time.

If you're calling in a fake sick day, say your doctor is a "she."  That little detail makes it seem more legitimate. However my doctor is a she....really I'm not making it up.

Call out on a Wednesday. I mean really, who takes off on a Wednesday for no good reason?

When you are going out, make a big announcement that "you're not drinking tonight." It's a great way to make sure other people will buy you drinks as they try to persuade you to drink with them. Unless you're a cute woman, then just put on a nice outfit and show up.

Buy a cheap ticket to a sporting event or concert. About an hour before it starts, go to StubHub and see which good seats are still unsold, then head to those seats and sit there.

When you call a customer service line, choose SPANISH as your language. Most of those call centers are in the U.S. and the waits are shorter.

If you're saying "But I don't speak Spanish," no problem. Most of the reps can also speak English and are easy to understand then someone from India.

If these ideas don't work, don't blame me. Remember there is not a money back guarantee....mostly because you're not paying for them to begin with.

Finally if you get caught, you are on your own.  Here's my disclaimer: These tips are for entertainment purposes only.

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