Have you heard that there is going to be a solar eclipse today? No, then you would be the only one. Here's the timeline for the Southern Tier.

1:18 pm: Eclipse begins-First Contact. See the moon start blocking the sun, making it look like someone took a bite out of it.

2:39 pm: Eclipse Maximum- 75% Eclipsed! View most of the sun blocked by the Moon.

3:55 pm: Eclipse Ends - Final Contact. Witness the last edge of the moon uncover the glorious disk of the Sun.

You probably heard about getting special eclipse glasses for 1 or 2 dollars for this big event. We weren't able to find any and it turned out to be a good thing.

Apparently these glasses may not be safe and could cause serious eye damage. A good friend of ours Dr.Ted Bryant, who is an ophthalmologist and owner of Clarity Eye Care, told us about a solar eclipse box. So Dawn and Tara did a You-tube search and made their very own box.

One of the questions that was asked is what is the white on the side for? According to Dr. Bryant, the Suns rays pass through the hole in the aluminum foil and the image of the sun focuses on the white paper on the other side (inside) of the box.

The viewing hole is there so you can look through it and see the image on the white paper. So this is how we are going to observe the eclipse this afternoon, weather permitting.

To see more about ways to observe today's eclipse or to watch it on-line, go here.

[via Kopernik]

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