I love dogs. Dogs make my life better. I also like wasting my time by watching adorable dog videos.

What if I told you there is a place where you can go and watch unlimited videos of adorable puppies? Well I found that place.

There is, and no it is not heaven. It's

You simply log onto this glorious website and hit the space bar as much as you want. Every time you hit the space bar a new dog video appears.

You'll will see dogs in costumes, dogs running up walls, dogs swimming, literally any type of activity that a dog can do will be on this website.

This is the perfect way to waste time. You can watch Netflix or just sit back relax and watch some dogs.

If you love dogs as much as I do, then you may be interested in the Beers and Beats 8k. There is a regular run but also an additional run that involves our furry friends.

Check out he 8k here.

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