Did you know that Walmart is making small but impactful changes to create a more inclusive shopping experience for everyone? It's true and we think that it is very awesome!

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Walmart has announced that it is introducing sensory-friendly hours because it wants to make a more welcoming environment for people who have sensory disabilities.

In New York and across the United States, Walmart is now making their stores more accommodating for people who have sensory disabilities and the way that they are doing this is through designated shopping times every Saturday.  During their sensory-friendly hours, Walmart will be turning off the radio, dimming down the lights, and replacing the big wall of televisions in the entertainment section with static images.

Effective immediately, all Walmart stores will have sensory-friendly inclusive shopping hours from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. every Saturday and it looks like there is no end date in sight, this will be around for a while and we hope that it is.

So, if you need to get some shopping done but have a hard time with all of the loud noises, bright lights, and chaos on the television screens you will now have the chance to have a more comfortable shopping environment every Saturday morning.

The best part about this is that you can help with the sensory-friendly shopping experience because Walmart is encouraging feedback and suggestions on how they can enhance the sensory-friendly measures in their stores. Walmart says that they understand that each person's needs are unique and that by working together they can keep improving inclusivity in their stores.

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