A couple of days ago, I told you about how Kmart would be open for 41 hours straight starting on Thanksgiving morning and how many customers were outraged say it was the company cared more about revenue than their employees.

Well, it looks like Walmart, who will also be open the evening of Thanksgiving took note and decided that they didn’t want to face the same wrath as Kmart so they’re doing something special for employees who have to work on Thanksgiving.

Walmart plans to give workers a Thanksgiving dinner. Local restaurants and caterers will supply the dinners to the one million Walmart workers to work on Thanksgiving.

A spokesperson for Walmart told ABC, “We’ll have turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, and pies. The pies will vary based on regional varieties, so there will be pecan in the south, pumpkin everywhere, probably apple pie in regions where that is traditional. Regional traditions will be reflected in what we bring in. The idea is to make it as fun and festive as we can.''

Employees that work Thanksgiving will also receive holiday pay plus a 25% discount on items they purchase.