I'm guessing that when Kmart made the decision to open at 6am on Thanksgiving and stay open for 41 hours straight through Black Friday, they weren't expecting as much response as they've gotten.

And the response isn't just from employes- it's coming from the general public too.

Lots of customers are so angry that people who work at Kmart will have to work extra hours on a holiday that they’ve gone so far as to threaten to boycott the store for not allowing their employees to go home and spend the holiday with their loved ones.

In the past, Kmart opened at 6am, but they shut down at 4pm so that their employees could go home to their families. When Kmart made the announcement that they’d be staying open for 41 hours straight, people flooded their Facebook page with messages calling the company "greedy," "heartless," and "morally bankrupt."

Kmart fired back in a statement saying that they’ll be staffing their with volunteers and seasonal employees if they’re able and that they made the decision to stay open because of customers who said they wanted the store to offer them more flexible holiday shopping hours.

While a lot of employees take issue with the possibility of losing out on family time, others say they need the overtime and even more say they don’t have family to celebrate Thanksgiving with so they don’t mind picking up the extra hours.