Many people think AMC’s The Walking Dead is just a horror slasher series, although there are some graphic scenes, it has a touching storyline and enduring characters.

I have been a fan of The Walking Dead since its debut in 2010, and recruited everyone from my wife, kids, siblings and even my 84 year old father who all watch weekly.

If you think the Walking Dead is all about flesh eating Zombies, think again, although there are some great zombie scenes, the show has an exceptional story line, with great writing and creativity, within the interactions of the characters.

The series lead character Rick Grimes, a cop who wakes up in a hospital after suffering some gunshot wounds that put him in a coma, finds that the dead are coming back to life and he sets out to search for his wife and son, he builds friendships with survivors and encounters enemies as anyone would in an apocalyptic

If you are disturbed by gore I wouldn't recommend it, but the show has an exceptional cast of actors and writers that create a believable apocalypse to George Romero's original story line movie 'Night of the Living Dead'

If you haven't watched the series, you can find it on Netflix, other on line sites, and DVD.

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