Have you ever wondered why tennis balls are yellow/green instead of white? The answer at the end. Speaking of tennis.

The "Fastest Week of Summer" is here is two weeks. It's the Levene Gouldin & Thompson (LGT) Tennis Challenger at Recreation Park and they are celebrating their 26th anniversary in Binghamton.

It's a USTA Pro Circuit tennis event and it's weeks before the US Open. This has proven to be a great stage for professionals from all over the world to get tuned up for the US Open.

It's a Men's ATP 80 Challenger Tour tournament with seven days of men's professional tennis at it's best. World class pros and top U.S. Junior and College players and it begins July 22nd and goes through the 28th.

It's an awesome tournament and I was honored to be a part of their Tennis Pro Am last year. Here's the thing: They can't put on a tournament of this caliber without volunteers and this is where you can help.

They need people to help set-up and take down along with drivers, ticket booth/merchandise, food service and ushers. Each shift is only 3 hours.

They would love your help, so go here to see the different opportunities that are available or contact Rebecca Stollman, Volunteer Coordinator at (607) 765-2584.

They also need ball runners during the tournament and this is available for kids 10 and older. Here's a great way for your child to get community volunteer hours and have a chance to meet some of the top tennis players in the world. Go here to become a ball runner.

It's people like you that help to make this the success that it's been for 26 year. I would love to see you at the courts, July 22nd through the 28th. Okay, now the answer.

Tennis balls were originally white but they switched to yellow/green in 1972 so they would show up better on TV. Wimbledon finally gave in and switched in 1986.

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