Headquartered on Country Club Road in Endwell, Visions Federal Credit Union is the credit union of choice for many in the Southern Tier, and today, the financial institution is warning of a phone scam impacting some of its members.

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In a post to its Facebook page, Visions Federal Credit Union warns customers that there have been several reports from members of the bank that they have received suspicious "spoofing" calls.

Spoofing is the act in which a scammer disguises communication and makes an unknown source look like a known and trusted source. Spoofing can apply to emails, phone calls, websites, and more but in this particular scam involving Visions Federal Credit Union, the spoofing involves using a phone number.

The scammer calling members has altered the caller ID number to make it appear as if the call truly is coming from a Visions representative. Additionally, the caller then offers a completely fake “badge number” which has led to some members believing the legitimacy of the call.

Once the scammer has spoofed their caller ID number making it appear they are calling from Visions and they've offered a fake badge number, they then use suave tactics "to obtain key personal and account information to gain entry to" the bank accounts of Visions Federal Credit Union members.

Visions Federal Credit Union reminds its customers that there will never, ever be an instance when a legitimate representative of the bank will ask for personal information by placing an outgoing call to a member of its credit union.

Visions suggests that if members ever have a concern about whether or not they are speaking to an actual representative of the credit union, the member should immediately hang up with the caller and call 800-242-2120.

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