Veterans Day is November 11th and will be observed on November 12th. We want to do so much to thank our veterans everyday, so we're letting you know about a few events coming up soon.

If you’re a veteran or know one and have questions about housing, health care,  benefits, or employment, there is a Veterans Expo on Tuesday, October 23rd at Tioga Downs. You can read more about this FREE event here.

The SUNY Broome's annual "Veterans Day Clinc" will be on Tuesday, November 6th at 8:30.m at the Broome Dental Hygiene Clinic. 28 dental hygiene students from SUNY Broome and a certified dentist will be available to give free teeth cleaning to veterans.

Call (607) 778-5015 ASAP to make an appointment and you must show proof that you are a veteran. This is a way to help a lot of veterans who cannot afford to get their teeth cleaned and just another way that we can serve those who served for us.

The Broome Dental Hygiene Clinic has dental hygiene students and they need patients (throughout the year) to help them accomplish their goal of educating students for a career in this field.

I was part of their program last year and was very happy with the results. To find out more about the Broome Dental Hygiene Clinic, go here.


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