It's no secret that I despise Valentine's Day. I hate it because it's the day I turn another year older and also because I think it's dumb to celebrate love on just one day. I think if you love someone, you should find ways to show it every day of the year.

As much as I can't stand this holiday, I do feel bad for guys because there's so much pressure to pony up the perfect gift (flowers, jewelry etc.). If celebrating Valentine's Day is something that you do, I think that both should participate. With that said, what in the world does a woman give a man as a gift? Would he be made fun of if a flower delivery showed up for him at his work? Do guys think heart shaped boxes of chocolates are girlie?

This is what we discussed during the Hawk Morning Show this morning and you came up with some great gift ideas for women to give to men. Here are some of the highlights:

Judy Batzel Holt-I decorate the house, make chocolate covered strawberry's, cookies, cupcakes or something of that sort. Wine and a nice dinner

Elissa Pierce Cupelo- Yankees tickets, Cuse basketball tickets.

James Robinson- I would love candy and flowers for "V" day. Because we are men does not mean we are not sensitive. Also hope Tracy had a Happy Birthday if I remember right.

Brandon Clapperton- How about beer shaped candy boxes?

Kathryn Zepkowski- Something they love....i did a DD gift card for the coffee lover ....always a card and a special dinner.

Nicole Giannicchi-Johnson- Buy some lingerie for urself. It kills two birds with 1 stone. Makes u feel good about urself and makes him happy!!

Other suggestions we got include:

  • Dinner without the kids
  • Beer and bullets
  • Silk boxers
  • Beer and peanuts
  • Hot sauce
  • Comfy bathrobe
  • Beer
  • Leather flask
  • Concert tickets
  • Beer
  • Cufflinks
  • Wine
  • Flying lessons
  • Sunglasses
  • Beer
  • Bouquet of bacon roses

Hmmmm.....did you notice the trend on the gift idea list? Looks like you can't go wrong with beer for your guy if you're really stumped.